Warehouse Management System


ASPluris is a third party warehouse management system that integrates cleanly with Jiwa. ASPluris is provided by ASP Microcomputers and we have worked closely together to provide a seamless solution between the scanners in your warehouse and your Jiwa ERP.

ASPluris allows you to scan pick sales orders, receive stock into bins, book in shipments, stock take and perform other inventory transactions. The scanners ensure completeness and accuracy in the warehouse. The integration is real time using Jiwa’s API.

Latest release

The latest release of ASPluris was published on 4 March 2024.

Highlights of this release are:

These are the new versions for the following components.

  • ASPluris Service v3.0.4.4

  • ASP Label Printing Server v3.0.1.2

  • ASPluris Android Client v3.0.3.0

  • ASPluris Casio Client v3.0.2.6

  • REST API - ASPluris - Jiwa plugin v1.25

Minimum requirements

The minimum requirements for this release are Jiwa 7.02.01 SR15 with Jiwa’s ‘REST API’ plugin version or higher.

Downloads and Installation

Update your ASPluris solution in this order:

The ASPluris Service version V3.0.4.4 (PC) is installed from this location:

https://www.asp.com.au/downloads/aspluris/server/v3.0.0/jiwa/ASPluris V3.0.4.1.exe

The Label Printing Server version V3.0.1.2 is installed from this location:


The Android Client version V3.0.3.0 is updated via the ASPluris app using the following procedure:

  1. From the login screen, tap on the menu button and select the About menu item.

  2. Tap on the Check for Updates button and follow the prompts.

  3. Clear the cache.

The Casio Client version V3.0.2.6 is installed using the following procedure:

  1. Exit the ASPluris program on the scanner

  2. Start the program on the scanner. Make sure you don’t login in.

  3. Click on the spanner/settings icon

  4. Click on the Update icon and follow the prompts

The REST API - ASPluris plugin version 7.25 is available in this location, where the ASPluris Service is installed: C:\Program Files\ASP\ASPluris V3.0\JiwaPlugins.

  1. Stop the Jiwa 7 API Service

  2. Log in to Jiwa, import the plugin, Save

  3. Log out of Jiwa

  4. Start the Jiwa 7 API Service.

A custom table called ASPluris_PackingInfo for storing carton pack information is required. Create this table by running C:\Program Files\ASP\ASPluris V3.0\CustomTables\ASPlurisPackingInfo.sql against your database.


There are two guides for your deployment. Contact your Jiwa Solution Provider to get a copy of:

  1. ASPluris V3 for JIWA Installation and Configuration Guide

  2. ASPluris V3 Terminal Users Guide for Android

Previous Releases

Server Version March 2024 (current):

  • Requires Android client version or higher and REST API - ASPluris plugin version 1.25

  • Fixed an issue where a picked sales order line item is being moved partially onto back order when picked from multiple bins.

  • A sales order note labelled "Picked By" is added upon completion of the picking process for a sales order.  If the "Picked By" note type doesn't already exist, it will be generated automatically

Server Version 30 January 2024:

  • Requires Android client version or higher and REST API - ASPluris plugin version 1.24

  • Kitted items are treated as kits only when set to Kit and Kit(inc. Tax)

  • Fixed an issue with SOH reporting when one or more Active Orders are present.

  • Remove leading and trailing spaces from a warehouse description (logical or physical).

  • Implemented a set picking for items with unit of measure set to _Set.

  • Implemented order locking for Consolidation module.

  • Added a custom field to turn consolidation order locking on/off.

  • Updated split picking.

  • Added a custom field for creating categories used in split picking

  • Fixed an issue with long item description > 100 characters. The description field will be truncated to 100 characters on devices.

  • Fixed an issue with processing completed consolidation items with zero quantity

Server Version – 27 October 2023: 

  • Requires Android client version or higher and new REST API – ASPluris plugin version 1.22

  • Implemented the Receive Shipments module for Jiwa Landed Cost

  • Added “IN_Category1” field as a default split picking category.

Server Version – October 2023: 

  • Moved to the new licencing system.

  • Updated to .net 4.8 framework.

 V3.0.2.19 - August 2023: 

  • New REST API – ASPluris plugin included


  • Mark sales order as picked when non-picked items are marked as completed.

  • Added the

Notification mode label printing to support label printing when ASPluris runs in a cloud. Requires ASPluris Label Printing Server V3.0.1.0 or higher.

  • Added additional pages for monitoring printing when the notification mode is used.

V3.0.2.18 - July 2023:       

  • New REST API – ASPluris plugin included


  • Fixed compilation issue with string interpolation.

  • Create and store CartonID as well as sales order history snapshot fields in the ASPlurisPackingInfo table.

  • Prevent duplicate entries in the ASPlurisPackingInfo table.

  • Revert a sales order as not picked when a REST API pick processing or any other added functionality fails.

  • Updated ASPlurisPackingInfo table.

Please re-import the updated ASPlurisPackingInfo.sql file into your database. The file is located in the following directory:

"C:\Program Files\ASP\ASPluris V3.0\CustomTables\ASPlurisPackingInfo.sql"

  • Cleaned up installation plugin files that are no longer used and moved them to and moved to the \Other folder.

V3.0.2.17 - July 2023:       

  • Prevent the showing blank order info screen on Casio scanners.

  • Added pallet name and carton name customisation

  • Fixed issue with printing – Missing parameter

V3.0.2.16 - July 2023:       

  • Fixed issue with loading consolidation data after consolidating all items.

  • Fixed issue with printing – Missing parameter

  • New REST API – ASPluris plugin included


  • Handled logical warehouse handling when extra spaces present in a name.

V3.0.2.15 - June 2023:     

  • Fixed issue with loading locations and operators.

V3.0.2.14- June 2023:

  • New REST API – ASPluris plugin included


  • Fixed logical warehouse handling.

  • Added a new CreateGRN endpoint.

  • Fixed performance issue with locations loading and importing.

  • Update picking kits when set to non-physical item type.

  • Fixed custom sorting in receiving.

  • Fixed receive naming in configuration.

  • Added custom handler to CreateGRN, fixing the logical warehouse issue.

  • Sales orders are marked in picking when consolidated.

V3.0.2.13- June 2023:

  • New REST API – ASPluris plugin included


  • Added support for picking non-physical kitted items.

  • Fixed an issue with marking kit header as picked.

  • Added support for picking non-physical kitted items.

V3.0.2.12- May 2023:

  • New REST API – ASPluris plugin included


  • Updated number rounding

  • Updated picked items assignment logic

  • Fixed sales order notes and updated extra order details

  • Added an option to change forward orders to invoice orders

  • Updated kitting to show kitting header on the scanners

  • Auto pick non-physical items when submitting picks

  • Auto pick kit header when all kit components are picked

  • Added an optional custom query ordering and filtering of orders in receiving and dispatch

  • Added an option to show notes in receiving

  • Added an option not to show consolidated bin message when an order is consolidated

  • Fixed an issue where orders were not filtering when warehouse filtering is assigned for employees

V3.0.2.11 – April 2023:

  • Added transaction tracking for consolidation data processing.

V3.0.2.10 – March 2023:

  • Fixed an issue where an item isn’t shown in the consolidation list, when it only resides in the pick face flagged bin, and the option “Exclude inventory already in consolidation and pick-face locations.” is ticked.

V3.0.2.9 – March 2023:

  • Updated consolidation module to allow consolidation picking from bins flagged as pick face when the “Exclude inventory already in consolidation and pick-face locations.” option is ticked.

  • Added additional option to prevent consolidation from bins flagged as “bulk”.

V3.0.2.7 – February 2023:

  • Added a configuration option to store GS1-SSCC value into the carton field.

  • Added a configuration option to do a blind stocktake. When this option is selected, ASPluris will NOT show items to be counted as well as ASPluris will clear existing counts and replace it with the submitted counts.

V3.0.2.0 – May 2022:

  • Added functionality to show order details

  • Fixed an issue with employee group parsing when multiple groups are comma delimited.

  • Added functionality to specify a default bin for each warehouse/location.

  • Added functionality to search by a customer’s order numbers